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It is a Savvycom tradition to celebrate the year-end by Savvycom-ers together for a food and extraordinary party. Of course, if you follow us on any social media you know that we are no strangers to celebrating with food – from New Year, to Ended-Year, to Birthday, to Day for the Haft of the World there is no shortage of food-inspired celebrations at Savvycom.

Savvycom Annual Meeting 2017

2016 has been filled with a lot of newbies, warm laughs and is new milestones of Savvycom. From all the new participants that joined us this year, to old hand going together with us, we are more than grateful for the many blessings this year.

To start the party, Mr. Vinh Le- Chairman of Savvycom opened the party with the greeting to all participants and expressed his happiness for the company’s great growth.

Our Chairman-Mr.Vinh shared Savvycom vision in the new year
Our Chairman – Mr.Vinh Le shared Savvycom vision in the new year

Following the opening speech, Savvycomians together look back the review in 2016 with proud of Savvycom as well as their personal achievements. This was also an opportunity to honor excellent individuals and admirable teams of Savvycom who got distinguished performance in 2016. They are:

  • The Avengers Award – Jio Health Team
  • The Mountain Movers Award- Who I use Team
  • Mission Impossible Award – Genomics Team
  • Rising Star Award: Bach Nguyen, Tuan Ngo, Huy Pham, Binh Tran, Anh Nguyen.
  • Extra Miles Award: Anh Dao, Vinh Le, Huong Nguyen, Hai Le, Oanh Le.
  • Workshop of the year: Manh Dam

Endlessly, Ms. Van Dang, CEO of Savvycom, share some remarkable points in 2016 and shared Savvycom’s plan and developing objectives in the next year- 2017.

Our CEO – Ms. Van Dang shared her thoughts on the development of Savvycom in 2017
Our CEO – Ms. Van Dang shared her thoughts on the development of Savvycom in 2017

Besides, we also had memorable time spending with each others to show our talents in three teams: TADB Team, Lay Team, and Thich La Nhich Team.

Additionally, 2016 was the year which saw the growth of a lot of Savvycom clubs: Gym club, Football club, and Swimming club, as the evidence for the significance of health as well as sport spirit with Savvycomers.

The meeting was a really exciting event where people gather to get closer and to foster the high level of solidarity among our members. Let’s take a look at some moments of our momentous 2016 year-end party:

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