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On 16th May 2017, a sharing session about enterprise management did take place at National Economics University (NEU) with Savvycom CEO_ Ms. Van Dang.

This special session aimed to share the wide spectrum of experiences Savvycom has made so far as well as discuss how to unleash innovation in the enterprise. In her opening remarks, Ms. Van Dang started off by talking about how enterprises are currently poor at innovation. Then the need for building a new work environment and an aspirational culture for employees were underlined. Additional, She also mentioned about Savvycom’s core values such as creative thinking and working with passion.

Ms. Van Dang with National Economic University

Furthermore, many students solved their wonders related to how to build sustainable successful businesses, recruitment and received a lot of treasured career advice. With illustrative examples and experience of presenting complex topics in a clear format, her speak was a valuable opportunity which National Economic University students can learn from and inspire their work in the future.

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