Savvycom in Infinity Tech Seminar – Web, IoT and Unity


On 26th June 2017, Savvycom has joint 3rd Infinity Tech Seminar 2017 on the 4th floor, Mipec Tower, No 229 Tay Son, Dong Da, Ha Noi. The Tech Seminar is a regular quarterly event held by RUNSYSTEM and AI&T with the goal of providing an opportunity to share and exchange knowledge about technology.

The third Infinity Tech Seminar successfully took place with representatives and speakers from software development companies in Vietnam such as Kayac Vietnam, GMO Vietnam Lab Center, and Savvycom. There was also listeners who are interested in cutting edge technologies and are involved in the development of software solutions.


The 3rd Infinity Tech Seminar

This event gave lastest technical seminar topics ranging from Performance of front-end, Cross Platform, Jenkins & tools for auto deploy, Chatbot to Web service-load balancing in production, and essentially from IoT, Unity casual game library to WebRTC.

In the Tech Seminar, Mr. Tue Nguyen, the CTO of Savvycom, did have an interesting sharing about building WebRTC mobile apps in the reality as well as how to get over the challenge of building WebRTC applications to be used on mobile devices.

Software development is hard, especially when you are working with a cutting edge technology like WebRTC. Of course, that’s what makes it exciting too! As you may already know, WebRTC is an HTML5 standard for building peer-to-peer video chat applications in the browser.


Mr. Tue Nguyen at the 3rd Infinity Tech Seminar


Mr. Tue Nguyen shared about WebRTC.

Savvycom here strived to spread and share our expertise and experience in software development services while promoting excellence in the industry. Our goal is to Learn, Share, and Prosper.


Learn, Share, and Prosper

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