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Savvycom Launches New Artificial Intelligence (AI) Lab 
Savvycom AI Lab is part of a complete range of software product development that helps quality engineering professionals be a catalyst for speed, agility and business performance while achieving radical productivity. Savvycom serves over 100 international clients across US, Australia, Singapore and other European countries. It is recognized as Top 30 Global App Developers by Clutch.
“The next innovation hub in Vietnam, with advanced tech as its main driving force”
Clients rotate to the new, they demand both innovative solutions for their toughest challenges and the technical know-how to effectively deliver those solutions. That’s the idea behind our AI Lab – where our experts and engineers obtained PhD degree in AI and data analysts from top university in US, Europe... in Vietnam, can research and apply AI technologies as well as focus on prototyping AI applications for client problems across various industries.
“Our expertise includes Intelligence Automation, Blockchain, Machine Learning and Data Analysis”
At AI Lab, Savvycom technology professionals also gain unique opportunities to learn, hone and master the fast-evolving skills they need to serve clients’ future digital needs.
Shoppers are facing Discovery problems, which are lots of options for them to choose on sellers' websites. To deal with these issues, Savvycom introduces a new search tool which can quickly process images and identify specific objects within the image, then generate visually similar results. We call it "Visual Search" - one of AI Lab applications. 
"The future of visual search engines is most likely to be a shopper’s paradise in the right retailer’s hands"
Research showed that Visual-oriented Search engines were interested by nearly 70% of young clients. Visual search is very useful in E-commerce industry that helps shoppers decrease the number of choices and find the products they want to purchase efficiently. 
Let us show you the world of AI Technologies!Your journey starts here..
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