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The application of Simplicity in Web design

Whoever we are – a designer, a developer, or a businessman who wants to have my brand or product to be as well-known as possible – we have to be familiar with the term “simplicity”. Development experts talk about it on magazines. Clients ask for it in the requirement. Users prefer it in every device. This article is attempting to provide comprehensive information about Simplicity in Web design.

Benefits of Simplicity in Web Design


There are a lot of commercial benefits of simplicity. For business, simplicity costs less and gains more. Although it may take more time to generate an idea for a design which is both simple and attractive, simplicity will reduce the time of designing, building and maintaining. Simplicity also reduces the cost of server disk space and bandwidth.

More significantly, simplicity is the important factor in making customer remembering the business brand or product. Besides, regarding the users’ benefit, simplicity save their time thanks for the faster load and render, the ability to scan easily and navigate. That’s why simplicity is becoming more and more preferable to customers.

So, what does Simplicity really mean? Article7








Generally, simplicity is known as the state of being simple, but not boring. It possesses the quality of being clear, simple, easy to recognize, understand remember and explain.A very typical example for simplicity is Google. What do you have after inputting a keyword and hit ‘Enter’? A clear list of pages relating to your keyword appears in less than a second.

Despite the very complicated system of contending that Google can process with the requiring keyword, what the user can see is very clear and simple. “I think Google should be like a Swiss Army knife: clean, simple, the tool you want to take everywhere”, said Marissa Mayer, Google’s Vice President of Search Products and User Experience. Swiss Army knife is a multi function knife, which its needles are hidden inside the tool, make the tool look simple but very useful when needed. Similarly, the principle of simplicity is ‘less elements, more functions’. Just keep the most important elements showing and reduce the other unnecessary ones, you are coming to a successful simplicity.


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