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The revolutionary prodigy brought in the mobile and wireless arena by Apple in the form of iPhone mobile handset; it came with different opportunities for thousands of app developers.

This uber cool device has set the trends of style and upbeat apps, stored in the Apple App Store and defined the drift taken up by the app developers. The launch of Apple app store in 2008 created hype amongst the developers and till date it caters over 300,000 applications.

Why the iPhone App Demand Increased with Time

Now that iPhone has traveled far and wide and has created waves of recognition to all corners of the globe, a large number of users are leveraging the iPhone development platform to promote their business and generate revenue out of it. With time the demand of customized iPhone apps is increasing to cater to the needs of small, large businesses and entrepreneurs. Reason being the popularity this smart device gained within a very short period of time.


The analysis of development requests and business RFPs have shown that the demand for iPhone application development has gained drive over the time-honored and long standing competitor that stood unshakeable all these years. According to the there are more than 62,126 number of unique iPhone app developers contributing to App Store.

If we categorize the app distributions we see that there are about 50,000 apps in the books category alone and out of which 7,000 come from just one developer. The highest percentage of app development trends are of books, games and then entertainment and education. (Source

The Evolution of App Development

The iPhone development has come across different phases of rapid changes and the trends in the development of innovative apps are distinguished by certain factors. The most popular development initiatives and requests are concerted in the categories of media, education business and book applications. The traditional split between business and consumer increased from 50/50 to 70/30 in favor of business applications has been a major boost for the app developers.

Source socialjitney


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