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Special meeting with General Governor of Australia – Sir Peter Cosgrove

In the meeting with Sir Peter Cosgrove, General Governor of Australia, CEO Van Dang has a chance to promote the capabilities of Vietnam IT Industry and to show the potential for co-development between the two countries in technology.

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Mrs Cherie Blair, wife of former British Prime Minister visits and works at Savvycom During Mentoring Women in Business programme, Mrs Cherie Blair visits Savvycom and CEO Van Dang. After 4 years of joining the programme as a mentee and mentor, Ms Van Dang has achieved many awards and success becoming an inspirator to many other women in business.
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HerVenture helps woman entrepreneur achieve more success

HerVenture powered by Cherie Blair Foundation for Women and Qualcomm Wireless Reach is the mobile application with the ability to help businesswomen learn more knowledge and skills in developing their own enterprises, to connect all mentors and mentees in the programme of Mentoring Women in Business. As an active member, CEO Van Dang and Savvycom take pride in being part of this programme.

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