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Famous mobile phone brands like Nokia, Samsung or HTC have been using Windows OS for their products for a while. Even though up till now, Apple and Android device is taking the first places in the competition, mobile sales figures of Windows Phone have shown some improvement, and the potential of these devices is going to be unveiled much further in the year 2013, especially in the business aspect.

window phone 2013 and its potential

Management capabilities

At the time when the role of BlackBerry among businessmen has been dethroned, management capabilities that Windows Phone offers make it an ideal solution for business. The most visible evidence to this is Windows Phone 8’s Company Hub, which helps organize company apps and contacts effectively with just a Windows domain account login.

There’s no need to spend money on an expensive product like BlackBerry Enterprise Server to serve similar management needs. Furthermore, due to compatibility between Windows Phone and existing Microsoft environments, which have been widely popular in enterprises worldwide, adopting Windows Phone would be a reasonable option.

Phones using Windows Phone OS

Easier for developers

Many developers believe that developing apps for Windows Phone is much more convenient than for Android or iOS. While iPhone app development requires heavy time & effort investment and Android app development involves complex quality assurance due to different devices and OS versions, Windows Phone development is a much friendlier experience to deal with.

Familiarity in coding is a big advantage that Windows Phone offers. As a whole, even when Windows OS has a well-established development environment, it lacks engineers to utilize its functions, and it’s now the time for Windows Phone developers devote and make it flourish.

The challenges

Despite huge supports that it could bring to the business, there still are several difficulties Windows Phone will face on its way to success. The presence of Android and iOS device in the perception of both ordinary consumers and enterprises is not easy to replace. Adoption will define the future of it. Let’s wait and see how Windows Phone will expose its potential in this new year 2013.


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