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Outsourcing a project – no matter which field it belongs to, what size the project is – has never been an easy job. It covers many steps, involve many people in, and may suddenly break out just because of a minor mistake. This article provides some tips that may boost your outsourcing project and help you to achieve the desired results.

Make proper consideration when a select vendor

A fatal mistake of an outsourcing project is to make a quick, careless and emotion-based decision when select vendor. Make sure that you have covered all of the potential vendors, studied thoroughly their strength and weaknesses as well as their previous outsourcing projects. Furthermore, according to many experts and experienced project managers, the criteria of a vendor to be considered are the priority of the project in the vendor’s overall workflow and is it easy for the business to get support when problems arise. Also, make your best attempt to minimize emotions and company politics that may affect the decision.


Define clear quality measurements

Although people prefer flexibility, there are some things which need to be fixed: quality measurements and service levels. These indexes – either written down in the main contract or given latter via subsidiary requirements – should be measurable, realistic and based on the very project. The reason is simple: if they do not exist, how can you evaluate the vendor’s performance whether they meet your project requirement or not? A suggestion to do this is outlined processes with maps and diagrams. They will help you to manage every step of the whole project visibly and effectively.

Keep reviewing the vendor’s performance

Though all of the requirements are made obvious in contracts and other papers, emails, etc., it is necessary for the project’s owner to follow up the vendor’s work. You should set a timetable to check their performance periodically. Furthermore, a team in your IT department should also be getting involved in the outsourcing process, in order to cooperate with the vendor and mitigate problems which may emerge suddenly.

Be careful in risky situations


When outsourcing project, risky situations may occur occasionally. For example, the project you are pursuing is so large that it has a great impact – including positive and negative – on the company’s developing strategy. Or vice versa, the situation that the project is jeopardized by company politics also deserves serious attention. So, be aware and when you think the situation is going out of your control.

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