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iOS 7 is an undoubtedly a latest released version, which provides Apple’s fans with the best user experiences. However, great concern has been devoted to its battery’s life, which is reported as the flawed design. Besides with expecting a better product from Apple, users are also looking for the way to improve it. Following are some of the useful tips for a best possible battery life increase.

1. Device Restart

Restarting your smartphone or tablet would help you to find out what the real problem is. Maybe a certain application is causing the fuss, or the very new update is the source of a problem. A strong recommendation by us is trying Digital Trends to back up your stuff and secure them when restarting the device.

2. Adjust Brightness Manually

reduce brightness

The level of brightness has a greater impact on your device than you, though. Therefore, if you are using the ‘auto brightness mode’, let switch it to ‘adjust manually’. This mode does not take you a lot of time to adjust the level of brightness, as you won’t use the device continuously, and you only have to adjust when it is necessary. In contrast, if the device is set at auto mode, it has to spend the energy to adjust brightness all the time and reduce the battery life, consequently.

3. Limit Unnecessary Notifications

Which notifications are the necessary ones is up to you. However, there would be someones which you do not have to know immediately. A notification of game updating may be one of them. So, let’s go to the settings page and manually select the apps you want to stop sending you notifications.

4. iOS 7 Enabled Streaming

Streaming content is considered as an outstanding feature of iOS 7. It allows users to transfer content from iTunes, from their cloud storage, and so on. However, it is also an energy-consuming factor. Thus, we suggest that you should pay a little attention to that function in order to lengthen battery life.

5. Take Advantages of Airplane Mode

The fact that aeroplane mode helps to save your battery life is quite popular, but rarely people remember or practice it. We recommend you switch your device into Airplane mode, especially when your battery is running off or you are on a plane.

6. Remain 2 Minute Auto-Lock

Another minor tips to save battery life is to set up the device with 2 Minute Auto Look mode. Forcing your device to wait 5-10 minutes before it rests is unnecessary and reducing its working ability.

7. Disable Wi-Fi When You’re Out

disable wifi

Usually, people prefer to have their device automatically connected to every available network, so they keep the Wi-Fi enabled every time. However, this idea actually put a lot of pressure on the batteries life. The advice for a healthy battery is that only enable the Wi-Fi in the place where you are sure that there is a usable connection, and when it’s really necessary.

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