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Important tips to know before developing a mobile app.

Market research

Do a quick research on App Store to find out if there is any similar app available. If such app exists, figure out the improvements your app has to make sure the app would be distinctive and outstanding in the market.

Make a plan

Take time to determine the steps you will need to go through including audio, video, graphics, development, quality assurance, data collection and management. Review tutorials and learn from other applications to have an overview on how many graphics and coding efforts would be needed. Make a to-do list with detailed description and deadline for each item that will be follow through the development process. Read more: Outsourcing QA: What are its benefits

Get an attractive App icon

Get an eye-catching icon since this one of the main characters that decides the first attraction users have for your app.

Remember that it would be difficult for your users to read words on app icon, so make sure that your icon design shows a product with good quality and reflects your apps theme.


Focus on what you have advantage at and hire resource to take care of other part. Specialization will fasten the development phase and will shorten the time to market of your application. This is also the approach that helps to create a professional app. Remember to send over a Non Disclosure Agreement to the company or freelancer you want to work with to secure your confidentiality.

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