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Every time Apple releases a new version of iOS, they introduce a handful of new cool features that always make fans impressive and eager for it. What’s new in iOS 8? This year’s no different. Here are the best new features in iOS 8.

1. Healthkit unifies medical data

An entirely new way to see your health and fitness information
An entirely new way to see your health and fitness information

Healthkit could be considered as one of the newest impressive features in iOS 8. The health app has 4 features at the bottom of the screen, they are Dashboard, Health Data, Sources and Medical ID.

  • The dashboard is a repository for information on weight, activity, standing time, stairs climbed, and whatever can be tracked from your fitness monitor or Apple Watch.
  • Health Data displays all of the information to storage on your iPhone as body measurements, fitness, me, nutrition, lab results, sleep.
  • Sources used to identify those apps or devices with associated apps that have actually requested permission to update your data.
  • Finally, that is Medical ID. This function is very useful for loved ones or case of sudden illness or accident. It also let others use your phone to call 911 an emergency situation.

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2. Notifications are easier to access


Building on iOS 7′s flat interface, iOS 8 lets you do more with the simple double-tap. Now, instead of just showing all your open apps, it also shows thumbnail images of the people with whom you communicate frequently. From here, you can tap on a thumbnail to call, message, or email that person.

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3. Siri is more responsive

iCloud Drive - Any kind of file on all your devices.
iCloud Drive – Any kind of file on all your devices.

Siri is becoming a lot more car-friendly, as it will support better hands-free use. You can now just say “Hey Siri” to start the assistant. Further, Siri will work with Shazam to recognize songs and let you purchase tracks using just your voice.

4. QuickType Keyboard

ios-8-quicktype-savvycom Apple’s new iOS 8 software finally supports third-party keyboards thanks to the extension support mentioned above, but Apple’s own keyboard is already dramatically improved in iOS 8. Apple’s new QuickType keyboard finally brings in-built word prediction to iOS, which will definitely help offset Apple’s terrible auto-correct feature — though, to be fair, auto-correct seems to work a bit better in iOS 8 than it has in earlier iOS versions.

5. Mail navigation with a simple swipe

ios-8-mail-savvycom A few tweaks to the Mail app make it easier to flag and delete messages with a swipe. When composing emails, you can swipe down on a draft to minimize it and access other emails in your inbox. Then, tap on the bottom of the screen to reopen your draft. Other neat tricks include the ability to add calendar events right from email, such as OpenTable invites.

6. Messages get group functions

messages 454x400

Users will now have added control over group messages. You can name your threads, add or remove people, and set Do Not Disturb for individual message threads. Additionally, you will be able to share location information, as well as photos shared within the thread.


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