Savvycom Insight - Issue 02/2014 - From Agile Modeling To Successful Development Team

         Agile Modeling       


How To Make Agile Model Workable?



Agile Model is a new type of software development in which a software is developed in incremental, rapid cycles. There are some most effective method to make it workable, such as clarify the purpose of model, maximize ROI, and so on [...]

Agile Development:

Are You Ready To Adapt The Smart Model?


In terms of project management, the answer to the question “Are we ready for Agile Development” refers to a checklist, which includes issues to be considered before starting Agile adaption [...]

     Web Team Building      

Web Development entails complicated and complex details, and before you could create website concepts, contents, maintenance, design should be well-thought of and well-planned. Therefore, building a good Web team in which developers and designers collaborate closely always plays pivotal roles in the success of every project [...]

Build Your
Own Team

If you are considering offshoring, here are some tips to build a successful team of offshore developers and to maintain its high performance [...]

The Importance Of Collaboration Between Designer & Developer

Good collaboration between designer and developer helps create great product, satisfy customer, make a more effective agile team, and many further benefits [...]

Fantastic Infographic Story: Web Designers vs Developers

Web designers and developers occupy vastly different roles in the technology community, but they still have some things in common [...]
Mobile App Development

Simplicity vs Complexity: Where To Go
With Your App

A simply designed app with functions integrated smartly takes people less time to make use of these functions. Unquestionably, there is beauty in a clean and functional interface. So, simplify things and let your customer see that beauty [...]

3 Questions To Ask Before Making A Mobile App

Building mobile apps has never been an easy job. You have to spend a lot of time and energy from the very first steps to make strategic decision via relevant questions. Some of the suggested questions that you should consider before making an app are [...]

         New Releases        

A mobile application of Moo Beef Steak restaurant that offers users with a totally new culinary experience, in which they can check available dishes, book a table and update latest restaurant’s promotion.
Available on the AppStore

A mobile app and website portal which easily allows users to order food from nearby restaurants every time by integrated with GPS. Customers will be able to locate the restaurant from their computer, or any iOS/Android smartphone.
Available on the App Store & Android Market
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