Savvycom E-Newsletter No.4/2013 & warmest wishes
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Keep Moving Forward                                       

Savvycom expands Footprint in United States

Overcoming the general economic recession, Savvycom continues its winning streak and shows no signs of slowing down. To support this tremendous growth, Savvycom expands its presence through a brand new office in Silicon Valley on October 2013. 
Opportunities to enhance cooperation
This new office is the latest expansion of our international footprint. We continue to strengthen our presence in US to accelerate our service delivery and support excellence to our clients. We look forward to offering full range of services to our SMBs and startups as well as the opportunity to demonstrate our continued commitment as an IT solution provider.

Savvycom is looking for long-term business relationship. If you’re interested in cooperating with us, please
CONTACT US right now !!!


Agile Development                                           

A smart Model for Startups
Many companies are embracing Agile Software Development as an effective way to increase business value, enhance productivity and boost employee morale. However, each company has its own challenges when they adopt Business Agility. Therefore, the question “Are we ready to Agile Development” rises. 
  • Is management’s support available?
  • Is your team provided with proper training?
  • Was your Product Owners trained?
  • Do you have enough space?
  • Have you made the support team on board?
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How to make Business Agility a Key success?

The world is changing rapidly, and high agility is required for any business who wants to survive in this high-speed economy. The agility of technological ingredients is extremely important for businesses if they wish to get success...

Outsourcing: Issues & Implication                         

How to meet timeline of Outsourcing project and reduce Stress?

Managing an outsourcing project has never been an easy job. Several problems may occur, originating from lack of time, or misunderstanding between concerning parties. Let's see some tips to meet timeline and reduce stress for project managers....[...]

Tips for successful Outsourcing Projects
Outsourcing a project – covers many steps, involve many people in, and may suddenly breakout just because of a minor mistake. Hopefully below tips may boost your outsourcing project and help you to achieve the desired results:
  • Make proper consideration when select vendor
  • Define clear quality measurements
  • Keep reviewing the vendor’s performance
  • Be careful in risky situations

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Featured News for Startups                                   

How can startups utilize Big Data?
The term “big data” has become popular recently. It can be explained as a modern type of data which is unable to be processed and analyzed with tradition technology.
For startups, it is possible for them to improve competitiveness with large company, as long as they pursue wise strategies as suggested following... 

Startups: How to capture customer's attention based on your brand story?

Capturing customers’ attention is one of primary purposes that every start-up tries to achieve.
Some start-ups optimize their products or services, some other ones invest much in media to access customers. An other idea is to let customers immersed in start-ups’ lovely brand story...

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