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svc_webdesign2015 As technology changes, so do user habits, and web design trends also change. So what will be the most stunning design trends that we’ll see in 2015? As we all know that responsive design is an essential of the modern web. Websites are more interactive with cool navigation and rich media content. Read on to see what to keep an eye out for this year.

1.Responsive Web design


Although you can use the excuse for not using responsive to your site, make everyone feel 100% doubt. Within two years, the trend responsive confirmed its importance and gradually became a new standard in web design. In general, there is still some controversy as to make the user interface is responsive or own work for PC interface and mobile tablet. But no one says “Forget responsive to go!” And the fact that more and more websites are going in this direction. This is a typical trend in 2014 and it is likely to thrive in the years following.

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2. Minimalist buttons

Minimalist button These buttons will be designed very simple, just have a border with the letter inside, nothing else. If you hover the mouse, it will work something fancy, but that is when the hover, but overall, it appears quite prominent and attracted attention when combined with a large background image.

3. Focusing heavily on Typography

svc_wds2015 Previously, the beautiful fonts on the web dedicated usually sell for very expensive. This means that the design pages of typographic style require budget deficit, making small users (including most personal web) outside the game. However, times are changing. The font increasingly cheaper (or free, if you use Google Fonts), and it means that the designer has a sky the freedom to drawing and creative with your website. In addition, this allows sites with more fonts than the interface, providing more choices for users and devices.

4.Use photos/videos as background

photobgrd Another factor to the success of the most popular websites today is the kind of beautiful wallpapers and videos. This is considered to be a simple way to bring a highlight to your website, the content should be shown to cause great attention to readers through pictures and video. This trend is expected to bloom and will increasingly be developed in the future.

5. Scrolling, instead of Click

scrolling When the mobile web is a boom and web design industry will continue to change to bring the experience and the best efficiency on all devices, scrolling to view the content will gradually replace the divine clicks. You have noticed, scrolling always less time (just move a single finger on rollers) than click (to use both hands to move the mouse, then press again added). Intuitive, easy to use, reduce the page load time, users will feel smoother more modern website and allows more dynamic content to be shown between users and websites.

6. Designed in tags (Pinterest style)

pic tags Maybe you will find this new style, and met a lot of places, such as Google Plus or Pinterest. Cards are a great way to organise the content block on the page, rearrange them without messing everything up, provide a lot of data on the screen and suggest users to continue “scroll down to see more”. Talk briefly, neat and simple card but brings many benefits. This is one of the things that websites need, so do not be surprised when you see it will survive and thrive from 2014 to 2015.

7. Flat Design bloom

flat design Flat design has achieved many breakthroughs in the last year, and it will not be stopped in 2015. However, maybe it will change into something newer, perhaps Material Design. So, Material design is what? Material design is the “something” that Google introduced this year, along with new directions in the design of their mobile interface.

Skip a few definitions on paper and formal documents, based on the use of the Material Design products that Google has done (eg interface Android L. or Google Play Store app to the latest version). We might be to say that, Material Design is mostly flat design uses to add colour strip light, divide each class and animation among the class to bring a sense of the three-dimensional physical world while maintaining the characteristics of the flat design.

8. Microinteraction – Interaction small

Microinteraction Microinteractions is little experience within a product (or a certain area on the website) which only occur in a certain case. For example, when you read a website and scroll down to near the bottom, a small popup will ask you to supply your email to receive a new post next time. These interactions will help attract the attention of the user, in this case, there are many who subscribe via email over.

9. Personalise user experience

personalize user exp The idea of using cookies to help you display the information related to your patrons is nothing new. Netflix uses cookies to remember you often watch movies. YouTube too, moreover in addition to suggestions for videos that may interest you, based on the recorded information to your recent visit. So, you think about how a website had sidebar lists the article “Just read”, to help you return to the previous contents? Or hide the posts you see to make room for newer information is automatically updated? Listen very interesting and promising, right? this will soon be the developer heed, and this trend will gradually grow further in the future.

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