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The future for Media & Entertainment App is eye roll-worthy

  • The market for entertainment is forecasted to reach 2.6 trillion US dollars with a stable growth of about 4% annually.
  • Global consumers spent more than 473 minutes a day with the media.
  • Traditional media is on the decline, with only 26% still reading a print newspaper.
  • At least 55% of households subscribe to paid streaming video services, equal to 450% growth in less than 10 years.
  • 67% of smartphone users utilize gaming, news, sport and other entertainment apps. Users come back 2X to 3X a day to their favorite games, news, sport and other entertainment apps.

We are a futuristic company that helps you shoot forward in Media & Entertainment

We are a software development company with extensive experience in Media & Entertainment app development. We provide custom solutions for players in every segment of the Media & Entertainment industry: film, music, TV, publishing, photography, sports, news,...
Our end-goal is to turn Media & Entertainment apps into an healthy yet integral part of everyone’s life. Through these apps, we look forward to spreading and multiplying happiness, enabling a more positive and beautiful life via technology.
We also promise to help our clients revolutionize the industry with creative and innovative solutions, all delivered through a world-beating Media & Entertainment platform.

Our capability comes from a combination of skills, knowledge and experience

We empower our clients via a holistic solution portfolio

  • Video streaming apps: We develop online video streaming apps that are prepared to take on the Netflix craze and have the ability to handle a range of different internet network conditions.
  • Music streaming apps: Our apps prepare your business to handle thousands of active listeners in real-time without any speed lags and screen hangs.
  • Photo editing and sharing apps: We help you create an Instagram like app using both - the app’s clone features and next level features like AI based geo-tagging.
  • Gaming apps: We have the skill and expertise to help your gaming idea generate a percent of 74.6 Billion Revenue - the 2020 anticipated revenue count of the gaming industry.
  • Content aggregation apps: We Develop apps that become the single source of entertainment and knowledge of the world.

We integrate features that make Media & Entertainment fun and easy

  • Audio & video streaming
  • Real time content update
  • Text and GPS based facilities
  • In-app purchases
  • Push notifications
  • Social media integration
  • Localization
  • Live chatting
  • Reminders

Cutting-edge technology is always at our fingertips

  • Chatbots: We are strategically using AI to build a highly personalized and intuitive user experience through tools such as chatbots and virtual assistants, making interactions between users and brands more engaging..
  • IoT: Our team offers IoT enabled social media tracking applications. We connect your smart objects that are optimized for social media, enabling automated posts and shares for being generated by the mesh
  • Blockchain: We use Blockchain to not just decentralize and make the Social Media Industry more transparent but also to create a fair reward system for content curators to earn what they deserve.
  • AI: By using the power of Artificial Intelligence for incorporation in tools like virtual assistants and chatbots, we are making the interaction between brands and users seamless and real-time.
  • AR/VR: We apply these frontier technologies to help deliver a realistic experience and app engagement rates by giving the users simulations of the seemingly abstract.
At the heart of this connecting world, Savvycom is racing against time and innovation to deliver world-beating social apps to our valued clients. With our 10+ years of tech expertise, the endorsements from 100+ clients of 4 continents around the world and multiple successful partnerships with reputable global firms such as Apple, Accelerance, IBM, etc., we make serving our clients with the best services a promise.
Contact us via:
  • Phone: +84 24 3202 9222
  • Hotline: +84 32 675 2886 (VN); +1 408 663 8600 (US); +612 8006 1349 (AUS)
  • Email: [email protected]
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