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Designed to facilitate on-demand wardrobe styling and personal shopping services.
Offers three styling services for customers, which are called The Closet, The Shopper and The Jetsetter.
A Fashion App for iPhone - Convenient, Professional, Direct Solution for Your Fashion Desires

An advanced way for convenience

dressCODE fashion finder app booking screenshot Savvycom
Through dressCODE, clients can easily discover and book styling appointments online. What dressCODE and Savvycom would like to bring for users, is the convenience. Still, it wasn’t an easy task. After much thought and consideration, Savvycom has improved dressCODE app with integration of online payment feature. Additionally, whether they’re looking for The Closet, The Shopper, The Jetsetter consultancy service, dressCODE offers a convenient way to browse stylist’s profile and reviews, as the app is linked with Pinterest and Facebook, providing a way for customers to view their stylist’s social media profiles. For stylists who are using the app, dressCODE presents a way to get booking directly from a fashion mobile app, organise and manage their appointments efficiently.

Professional consultancy service

With a team of amazing fashion experts and stylist consultants, dressCODE will provide exceptional styling recommendations that are beyond your expectation. You will be given the truth on what flatters your figure and what doesn’t, and tips on how to build an eye-catching wardrobe that can still express your true self. With an expert opinion at your fingertips, your real closet will turn into your dream one.

A direct connection between Clients - Stylists

As direct chat is built within the app, clients and stylists now can easily arrange the appointment time that works for both opponent’s calendar. Stylists can also be readily available to give recommendations for clients’ needs.
dressCODE messaging screenshot Savvycom
dressCODE fashion mobile app welcome screenshot Savvycom

What’s more? - Being informed occasionally

In one hand, using dressCODE app, customers don’t have to concern over missing important notice, as Savvycom has built an effective push notification feature, through which you can get information pricing information, discounts or rewards. On the other hand, with the utilization of CI/CD for deploying from Savvycom, stylists on dressCODE can automatically receive reminders for appointment place and time so that they won’t show up late.

Easy, Fashionable and User-friendly

What makes a person being confident? Being wealthy? Having a positive attitude? Savvycom believes the answer is neither of them. For us, the secret to being confident in what you’re wearing. “You are what you wear” after all.
If you found yourself with tonnes of clothes or surrounded by branded items everywhere but then get stuck with the same style all the time, dressCODE is just for you. With all of these amazing features, why not choose dressCODE for your dream wardrobe? Making your styling experience every day easier with dressCODE, a stunning fashion mobile app delivered by Savvycom! Connect us for various frontier technology services and IT excellence:
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