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Designed to help identify clinically-relevant variants and present them in a simple manner.

Offers three main functionalities in a single page: Task Management, User Management and Account Management.

Angular is used for quick processing, proven reliability, ease and friendliness of use.

A simple yet efficient solution to power Genetics research

We create Geneticist to make the lives’ of researchers and doctors easier. Through Geneticist, researchers and doctors can – without much of a stretch – analyze, save records, keep track of and declutter genetics papers and reports. The system acts as a middleman, decoding important findings and allowing stakeholders to get a hold of all research inputs and outputs in a flicker. What Virtual Geneticist and Savvycom might want to bring for clients, is the comfort in freeing your hands out of idle tasks.

In any case, it wasn’t a simple errand. After much thought and ideas, Savvycom finally brings about a seamless solution that promises flexibility, convenience and accuracy. Geneticist is an AI/ML powered software platform utilizing proprietary technology to rank and prioritize variants with a high degree of sensitivity enabling clinical labs to improve their diagnostic yields. Geneticist helps identify clinically-relevant variants and present it in a simple manner.


Good coverage of customer experience touchpoints

The system is available as a web application which supports IE11, Firefox and Chrome. The combination of Python and Angular offers quick processing, proven reliability, ease and friendliness of use by keeping all the data in one page – no complex transition, no sluggish reloading.

Savvycom highly values the power of effective communication. To deliver a quality final product, Savvycom team maintains constant communication with our client via online pitching and discussing, back and forth emailing throughout the course of the project. Mutual exchange of ideas, regular use updates on work progress- all for the purpose of understanding and fulfilling our client’s requirements.


Professional task management

The outputs to researches are analyzed and categorized into small packages, each denoted and customized to users’ will. The prerequisites to the analysis is wrapped into a single Genetics file, which consists of blood type, genetic code, zygosity and other genetics indicators used for further research or diagnoses. The functionality is well-designed to help users track down the information in the shortest amount of time and decrease waste during the process.


Smart user management

As multiple users are available on the app at the same time, Geneticist also acts as a registry, allows system master to count the number of users and have a heads up on their relevant information. User status is updated up to their subscription with an expiration date and final log-in time tagged along, which comes very handy for tracking and reporting when necessary.



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