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An Insight into the Technology world.
Analysis and Insight from Savvycom Team.

As we all know, responsive web design is a great way for B2B organisations to provide their digital marketing across a wide variety of devices without the effort and expense of supporting a website and a fleet of apps.

optimized website for mobile devices

However, a website that alters text size and page component location to suit the device resolution is only half the story. The question here is that “Is your site optimized for the mobile and tablet generation?” Here are five tips to help you optimize website for mobile devices:

1. Information hierarchy

Underneath the website design jargon is a simple question: “Which parts of the page are more important to users than others?” And in this case: “Does this vary per device?”

Looking at your past website analytics, you might find that desktop users check out your product pages and case studies but mobile users may make a beeline for your customer portal or contact pages – this should inform how the responsive behaviour prioritises page components and navigation.

2. Less is more for mobile users

Consider what users do – or you want them to do – on different devices. Do you need to present the entire website on all devices? For a magazine website we extended into mobile a few years ago, we realised that mobile visitors spiked when the email promoting the latest issue went out. At that point, we just wanted visitors to focus on those articles so we stripped out all but the latest issue in mobile-optimized form but kept handy “desktop version” links so everything was still accessible.

3. Make sure you have a customisable platform

The first 150 characters of your news article may not make much sense when displayed as a snippet on the mobile version of your news page. However, if you base your new website on a mature content management system such as WordPress or Drupal, you’ll be able to create a summary field which can be shown instead.

4. Content 2.0

In the past, you might have assumed your website visitors were sipping tea behind their desktop PC in a corporate open plan office, calmly considering their next B2B supplier.

Today, however, our industrial clients are just as likely to imagine their website visitors comparing their products with competitors over 3G or 4G in the foundations of a construction site. How does this affect the content? Don’t assume someone has time to read a lengthy product page – offer quick descriptions, bullet lists of features, perhaps 1 to 2 minutes video summaries and – importantly – provide an easy route to more in-depth content if the visitor requires.

5. Data and analytics

As the speed of consumption has increased, the tools for monitoring that consumption have also multiplied. From search engine rankings to on page behaviour and heatmap tracking, you can achieve the monitoring of your website visitors without needing a degree in computer science these days.

Monitoring visitor behaviour will give you a great insight into how you can alter content to ensure maximum engagement with your B2B visitors. Devices might be getting smaller, but search opportunities and the consumer-to-site connection is expanding. You now have indexed for mobile sites, instant purchasing and sharing. It’s no secret that we’re moving away from our computer desks and looking for answers on the small screen – is your site ready?

In case you are looking for such a partner for growth, feel free to contact us – a tech consultant who has been in the industry for 11 years and has been verified for a creative mindset, strong commitment, and outstanding skills. We promise to not only deliver the best social app ideas to accelerate your business but are also capable of translating those initiatives into a seamless and competitive final product. 

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