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Customers demand multi-channel shopping experience

Beyond all, customers expect a multi-channel presence from brands. While the traditional online store still has its place, shoppers also expect to be able to interact with and buy from brands in a variety of places online. Multi-channel spreads itself across many channels: social media, messaging apps, online marketplaces, and so on. 

Among them, mobile apps are definitely a key part of this multichannel experience because of its convenience, high personalization and user-friendliness.

Mobile apps lead the expectations among different platforms

Even the most seamless online store comes second to the mobile app experience: a significant 85% of consumers prefer using a mobile app over a mobile site when shopping online, and with good reasons:

  1. Mobile apps do not lose functionality when used over a tenuous Internet connection. While web browsers might redirect to a 503 error page, apps continue to work as they should. Performance is fast across multiple devices and doesn’t lag, delivering an optimized experience regardless of how where customers access the app.
  2. Apps create more opportunities to interact with your customer. Therefore, they are more interactive and engaging than normal web-based online stores. Beyond simply ordering and purchasing products, customers can browse brand content that is useful, informative, or simply entertaining. It creates a two-way relationship where you reward the user, keeping them locked into the buyer’s journey.
  3. Mobile apps complement offline customer experience. 72% of smartphone users use their devices to inform in-store purchases. Consequently, mobile apps can provide further information such as comparison guides, user reviews, and even discount codes for offline customers, as well as notify important notes in real-time so that customers won’t miss any latest sweet deal.

Our solutions are integral to your next transition-to-mobile moves

Mobile apps are winning the game of convenience, interaction and advisability. But for your business to really stand out and give a great impression, you need ann award-certified vendor, a tech wizardry with honed skills and smoked experience in designing mobile commerce apps. 

With 10+ years performing as a leading IT service provider, having served clients from 20+ countries and successfully delivered mCommerce solutions to a variety of businesses, Savvycom is committed to the success of each and every e-commerce enterprise, who are seeking more sales and better reviews via a seamless mobile experience. From performing top-notch convenience to providing engaging functionalities, our mobile apps solutions ensure a memorable journey that makes your customers return to your brand again and again.

We create mobile apps that target conversion and retention

We make sure our mCommerce solutions are powered with sufficient user insights that tell us the whole story behind customers’ intention to buy. We integrate proven metrics and analytics to monitor every purchase history, in-app journey and other clicks and interactions to decipher the science of app users and help our clients innovate the apps to drive satisfaction, earn loyalty and generate exponential sales.

Our features can well serve your business targets

  • Store locator: We help your customers locate your offline presence anywhere around the globe. This feature is not only a supportive sidekick to your in-store performance, but also helps redirect traffic from web to store and vice versa.
  • Click to call: The easy access call button allows customers to call sales or customer service for assistance.
  • Wish-list button/Shopping cart: A bookmark for the product which users would like to come back and check again. Users will also be notified when there is an offer on the product from the wishlist to keep cart abandonment low.
  • Synchronization: Automatically making changes to the app in accordance with updates on your website or other integrated platforms of your business.
  • Auto-filling: Saving and carrying forward user data across registrations, app access and checkout times so they don’t have to fill lengthy forms over and over.
  • Filter and search options: Customers can search for goods by word, photo or voice with excellent accuracy and smart suggestions.
  • Offline mode: Allows customers to use some basic functionalities while the Internet is shut down, such as goods in a cart, purchase history, and so on.
  • Self-collecting option: Feature that lets users pick up their orders by themselves from the nearest store.
  • Varied payment gateways: The app provides diverse payment options from e-wallet to bank card to suit every user’s need.
  • Rating and feedback: A segment to help customers get references beforehand and make smarter decisions; providing customers with an A-to-Z journey from getting recommendations to purchase.

We ease the shopping experience with various integrations

  • Payment gateway integration: We integrate reliable, highly secure third-party payment modules that simplify the payment process.
  • Shipping details integration: To keep customers updated with how their product is moving in real-time, we add integrations of some of the top shipping providers in your countries.
  • Social account integration: We make the whole login and sharing processes a breeze by adding the comfort of social media integration to the application.

We powerpack the app with frontier technology

  • AR/VR: We give your users the chance to virtually try products on without leaving the comfort of their home.
  • AI: We add AI-powered mechanisms like Chatbots and Voicebots to improve search engine and customer service. On the other hand, AI is also used to improve the analytics and forecast of customer behaviours that affect purchase decisions.
  • Blockchain: From saving customers’ information to managing the payments, we employ Blockchain in a number of buying, lending & selling processes.
  • IoT: We hold the ability to connect the app to other devices and make the retail experience omni-platform. 

At the heart of this connecting world, Savvycom is racing against time and innovation to deliver world-beating social apps to our valued clients. With our 10+ years of tech expertise, the endorsements from 100+ clients of 4 continents around the world and multiple successful partnerships with reputable global firms such as Apple, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and IBM, we make serving our clients with the best services a promise.

Contact us via: 

  • Phone: +84 24 3202 9222
  • Hotline: +1 408 663 8600 (US); +612 8006 1349 (AUS); +84 32 675 2886 (VN)
  • Email: [email protected]
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