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As the rapid adoption of tablets and smartphones in the market, it’s the fact that users currently seem to prefer reading the news on the mobile web rather than in apps or accessing traditional websites.

From there, a new concept so-called “Responsive Design” is created and becoming a hot trend for any Web developer at the moment. It is considered as a revolution of thinking about how to develop websites to meet the needs of a traditional desktop or laptop users as well as the mobile and tablet’s audience.

But, why is Responsive Design becoming so popular recently? Why the enterprise should consider updating the site to utilize Responsive Design?

Here are 4 main reasons to explain this “phenomenon”:


1. Cost-savings

It is the fact that the costs to apply a responsive design for the website is higher than making a conventional website, but the expenses to duplicate a website for mobile and other devices can be completely eliminated. Additionally, it enables your site to fit perfectly in any screen size. One design on the website is the same to all devices. This means that your website only has to be developed once, and the company could cut down total development costs significantly.

2. Time-savings

You will have the ability to control, design and build your site in only one project. It helps you saving time, fewer meetings, fewer approvals to do the processes all over again when a new device launched on the market.

3. Enhancing competition

Utilizing responsive design and redesigning your website to fit optimally in all devices, you will definitely take considerable advantages to compete with other rivals. Visitors will be more surprised and get a better experience on your site than on your competitors.

4. User experience


This enables visitors to be easier to consume contents on the website through any device of their choice and preference, anytime. Thus, responsive design provides the optimal user experience of whether they use a desktop computer, a smartphone or a tablet.

To sum up, for publishers or web developers, responsive design offers the simplest way to reach readers across multiple devices. For users, it ensures an interesting experience on every screen. Therefore, responsive web design would be a good choice that leads your company forward.

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