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How to make an app like Instagram: The big picture & cost structure
You have the capability to achieve anything, as long as you’re determined to. Complex as it may sound, Instagram is actually built on the same foundation and basic functions as other social networks. It’s absolutely feasible to give birth to an Instagram alternative in essence, but if you want to have your own loyal users and earn cases of money out of it, you have to take it to another level and simultaneously innovate your idea.

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Traditional vs. Cloud-based POS: Everything you should know

They’re both an all-in-one system that registers all data needed for operation, including sales level, inventory information and management functions into one single place, aiming to optimise any other unnecessary, time-consuming, effort-costed processes.

However, what are their differences?

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Common Misconceptions About The Agile Scrum Software Development
How much you know about “agile software development”? It seems an easy-to-understand concept but the fact that people mislead about its feature every now and then. This is the reason why today Savvycom wants to bring you an insight into this phrase to clarify misconceptions about “agile software development”.

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Savvycom cooperates with CY Global building a software-silk road between Vietnam and Korea

Announce on ETNews in Korea, Savvycom and CY Global are aiming to develop a software-silk road between Korea and Vietnam with "BusinessNow".

This cloud service platform provides various solutions such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Production Management System (MES) and Video Conferencing Solution for SMEs in Vietnam and Korea.

BusinessNow is expected to become a Saas-based cloud service platform that will support the business connection between 2 countries as well as expand the market for local businesses.

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