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Mobile is a great companion. It’s also a proven phenomenon – there are now more mobile devices than human beings around the globe and that figure is expected to reach 7.3 billion by the middle of this year! Here is 5 reasons Savvycom LOVE mobile…

1. Anytime, Anywhere

Generally speaking, you’re never further than 5 feet away from your mobile phone. It’s a means of constant connectivity to your world and with this comes the efficiency to do almost anything on the move. Search the web, transfer money, connect with friends, order your favourite shoes. Now, practically almost anything is possible via a mobile phone.

2. It’s all about you!

Long gone are the days of one-size fits all. Mobile devices are now a means to add context to people’s lives. They are now collecting and processing more data about their users than ever before. With the magic of GPS, by knowing and transmitting your location, apps like Foursquare can bring you nearby restaurants and offers. Add on the new iBeacon tech and deals will come to you once the signal says you’re in the right area or store – how very thoughtful!

But it’s no longer just personalisation by location or time of day. As we move into 2014 and beyond, mobile devices will access a whole new level of highly personalised data including a user’s vital signs, their transaction histories and social media interactions.

3. Mobile Apps, of course!

A smartphone is now a hub of intelligent, functional and intuitive mobile applications. The popularity of apps has soared in recent times – there have been over 75 billion downloaded in total. Apps allow businesses to connect more effectively with their consumers, providing mobile experiences that are an extension of their brand anytime, anywhere. Pretty powerful stuff! In addition, users are realising the benefits apps offer. They provide DIY experiences – check your bank balance, learn to play the piano, send a personalised note to your sister. They also make users’ lives easier – get an app right and they provide unrivalled efficiency and customer satisfaction!

4. Let’s get down to business

Mobile can also now enable businesses to realise real commercial benefits, improving efficiency and insights. Once upon a time, a mobile was just a means to connect businesses with employees via phone, text or email. Now mobile, via the deployment of enterprise apps, can provide a means to measure performance, record and report data, manage intricate internal processes and help with staff training.

5. What a potential market you’ll see!

It’s no surprise mobile has been such a phenomenon. It pushes the boundaries of what’s possible, with new and innovative technology being introduced all the time. 2014 marks the start of another bright year for mobile tech where we can expect the growth of wearable’s, in-car integration and the internet of things!


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