How to overcome time zone issue with offshore developers?

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Time zone different

Timezone difference: A real problem!

Clients usually choose to work with offshore software developers in particular projects, because it is a good option in many aspects. However, it presents them with a problem: time zone difference. This means that when the developers are working at the working time in their place, the client is sleeping because it is night in his zone.

And if an error occurs in the software development process, the developers will either wake the client up to report the problem or wait for the next day for his response via email. Both of these two ways are bad because it is inconvenient, wastes time, money, and loses the cooperation between client and developers.

Then, is there any solution for that issue?


The fact that you client and your developers work in different timezone is inevitable, so please don’t upset too much about it. You should rather focus on solving the real problem: improve communications effectively with your developers.  That can be achieved by keeping exchanging information via email. Email is the easiest way to maintain effective communications with your developers.

You should devote to the developers’ emails a great attention, answer them right away, and be sure to address every little detail in them. And if there is a technical stuff that you need to be supported, describe them as detailed as possible in the email. Right there, that’s gonna close the gap considerably. Furthermore, it is highly recommended that you client and the entire of your development team have a standing meeting time.

Meeting online via online network like Skype or Google Hangout should be maintained firmly, everyday or once each two days would be the best. The meeting provides time yours developer to raise any problem they face in the development process. Depends on whether a problem raised or not, each meeting time might be about fifteen or thirty minutes.

Don’t make it last longer or it will consume your developers’ time, make people bored and tired without bring any good result. In short, what to do is not fixing the timezone but using the time smartly and maintaining efficient communications with your developers. That is the key point to keep your productive working cycle with offshore developers.

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How to overcome time zone issue with offshore developers? at: September 1st, 2017 by Huy Do