The useful mobile app to
help users fully experience
when enjoying the music.!
Today, information technology is woven into
nearly every aspect of our lives, from health care
and education to hospitality and industry
management. The entertainment industry is no
exception, and technology has changed the way
music is both made and enjoyed.
Together, Power Music and Savvycom identified
an opportunity in the marketplace for a unique,
fitness-based music app. Imagine being able to
pick songs by different artists in multiple genres
and selecting the tempo at which they are to be
played, then letting proprietary software mix them
together seamlessly, ready for download. The
result is Clickmix, a perfect, custom application
that helps the user create mixes with the smooth
transitions and professional sound formerly
reserved for commercial health clubs.
Offers an all-in-one
solution for storing and
listening to music that
can be user modified and
organised into custom
Automates custom mixes
based on your own music
preferences which can then
be downloaded & burned
to a CD or loaded into your
iPod or similar device.
Variable BPM
control lets the user
customize the speed
of the music to
match any exercise
or routine .
Field Solutions
Custom Music Mixing Made Easy
More than a tool of music, it is the new way of enjoying music.
Create playlists easily
Optimised to help users to create their
own music albums; Designed to
categorize songs into appropriate genres
to help users easily find the perfect music
for their desired activity.
Custom music mixing
While Clickmix is primarily intended for
use by tness professionals and
enthusiasts, this application would be
equally home in a nightclub. Anyone can
use it to make their own custom mixes
for any reason—including just for fun.
Choose your beat!
Change the beat of one song to match
the beat of another, even songs that
were recorded at different tempos. The
user can then string many songs
together, all played at the same BPM
which is also user-defined.
Diverse musical genres, styles, and
Songs are available from diverse musical
genres, and song lists are automatically
updated with the hottest trends and hits
from all over the world.
After allowing the user to select the
music and the BPM (beats per minute),
Clickmix creates a custom mix of songs
that are matched in tempo to suit the
users mood and exercise regimen. The
mix can then be downloaded and
installed on the users iPod, phone, or
other device.
Sounds easy, but Clickmix and Savvycom
engineers had several challenges to
overcome in order to provide users with
an intuitive tool that ensured seamless
transparency across multiple platforms
and data resources.
What’s more? Analysing users’ demand,
Savvycom built, and continue improving
Clickmix platform to simplify: The app
allows users to download and create
their favorite list, arrange songs into
diversity of groups, therefore, users can
nd their song more quickly and
efficiently. essentially, this app allows
users to customize transferred time
between two songs.
Clickmix is not a static app. Savvycom
analyzes the way the app is used to
improve and streamline the end users
experience. In addition, Savvycom &
Clickmix worked hard to resolve the most
complex aspect of the program, server
management. Savvycom does not have
legal access to the Clickmix server, any
problems experienced by the user are
reported first to our Clickmix and then,
through them, to us. This creates the
need for an ongoing partnership, so our
developers can work in tandem with
Clickmix developers to resolve any
issues. This partnership improves the
p r o d u c t t h r o u g h a c o n t i n u o u s
collaboration that is transparent to the