Eva Diary
A Wonderful App for
Women’s Cycle
In the golden age of Information Technology,
healthcare in technology has been noticed
from its rapid development and advantages
that significantly contributed to improve the
health of people around the world.
In the awareness of potential development in
healthcare technology, Savvycom, in 2014, has
started the idea of healthcare app specifically
for women health and turned it into reality,
named Eva Diary. The concept of Eva Diary is
to help women shorten their ways of keeping
track their menstrual cycles accurately and get
notices when their health performances in un-
normal conditions.
Eva Diary is distributed by all Savvycom
creative minds, is to fulfill a basic need of
women healthcare through tracking your
fertility accurate, fast and friendly. Eva Diary
seems to be a simple app, but it brings more
benefits than its appearance.
Emotion tracking allows
users to express their
feelings daily & keep
track of monthly cycle.
A sophisticated
algorithm calculates
accurately period
Won the third place
for Complete Creative
Mobile Apps Award in
From the developers’ perspective to user
Beside all essential functions, Eva Diary is built
from a powerful and intuitive programming
language! Swift and Java which users can have a
great experience with Eva Diary from both iOS
and Androids devices. Savvycom tech also
developed an automatic backup data, using
firebase from Google which helps to prevent data
lost from changing between different devices.
A healthcare app for women created by Tech
Eva Diary is a special app built and developed
from a draft idea to reality by our Savvycom
technical men. It takes much time to research and
understand about menstrual cycles and the best
algorithm which generates the most accurate
prediction of upcoming cycle for users. Algorithm
calculates & predicts the range min and max of
cycle date based on all information that users
input into the app.
An essential app for daily need
Menstrual cycle normally changes every month
but a necessary thing to do is to know how
frequently it changes and whether it changes to
be better or worse in fluid or the number of days
in periods, etc… These factors might be signs to
notice on your ovulation cycle, fertility, and
preparation of pregnancy.
Emotion tracking
Emotion tracking is placed into Eva Dairy that
allows users to express their feelings in daily and
keep track of your monthly cycle by entering data
about your period, pain, mood, fluid, sexual
activity and personal notes. Based on the
database from emotion tracking, users can notice
any abnormal signs which might be related to
diseases such as cervical cancer, anemia, thyroid
disease or diet disorder. Thus, users might decide
to have early check-up for future prevention and
A Secret Place for all women
Personalized function, Passcode, is created to
keep all users personal information secure.
Savvycom understands that the secret needs to
be in the safe place, therefore, all your personal
information is secured by passcode function that
prevents others from accessing to your Eva Dairy
without your permission.