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Making the Right Decision

Now that you know pretty much about the basic attributes of native apps and web apps, it is time to answer the ultimate question: Which one would be chosen?

Web App Justifies Its Stand

Native app with its strengths and weakness has been shown. It is now the time to reveal the features of web app.

Native App or Web App? Guide to choose the right one for your business

The rise of mobile app market in recent years has originated an unsolved battle between native apps and web apps. Which one will bring about the utmost benefits to businesses?

Apps for Enterprise: A potential market

IBM’s recent survey of 2000 technology expert from 87 countries showed that, development of enterprise application for smartphones (iPhone, Android OS phones), tablets (iPad, BlackBerry PlayBook) ...

Social networks 3Cs: Connecting – Constant – Continuous

Social network is promised to expand even more when the mobile devices are getting more and more powerful. And hopefully, it will have beneficial effects not only in personal daily life but also ...

Things you should know about Facebook App Center

Facebook App Center will base on user’s habits to list the apps. Differentiating from Apple Store, users will see the apps that they are interested. Facebook App Center is expecting developers ...

Tips you should know before developing a mobile app

First of all, do a quick research on App Store to find out if there is any similar app available. If such app exists, figure out the improvements your app has to make sure the app would be ...

Fruit Up! is now associated to Social Media

It’s no doubt that social networks have become a can’t-live-without thing. Here in version 1.1, Fruit Up! enables Social Media Share and improves UI.