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The lack of collaboration and communication between designer and developer usually leads to frustration from both parties. It can be worse in case the designs do not match the abilities of the platform, which is a huge waste of money and energy. In contrast, there a lot of advantages of collaboration between designer and developer, described following.

Create great products and more likely to satisfy client

In most of the clients’ view, a great app is the one which expresses the good compromise between aesthetics and functionality. While functionality offers an enjoyable user experience, aesthetics – in which the outline, color, typography harmonized with each other – will help to bridge the gap between the user’s emotions and the end product. Unquestionably, designer and developer can bring the end user a beautiful, intuitive, reliable and performative product via their well-organized collaboration. That is to say, the roles of developer and designer in creating a great app are two sides of the same coin.

Constitute a more effective agile team

effective agile team Close collaboration between developer and designer is the key to a successful agile team. They will have chances to support each other, react better to changes in app building process. An agile team requires its members to work collectively, aim for creative and innovative solutions to the problem. The agile team may function better as the developer is reassured by the designer that any output won’t necessarily be framed entirely by implementation limitations.

Increase mutual understanding between developer and designer

Increase mutual

While the designer concentrates on creating the most possibly beautiful product and achieves the end users’ goals, the aim of a developer is quite different. The developer wants the product to be useful, efficient with a good functionality and infrastructure. In projects which designer and developer collaborate, the have to learn the way to respect and understand the correct team members’ strengths and knowledge. Consequently, the mutual understanding between them will increase significantly, which facilitates better communication and collaboration in later projects.

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