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Transition to IOS 7 opens opportunities for all applications that need to make adjustments or this means developers will have to adapt their apps with new operating system. So, it is a good time to make changes or even revamp the whole application design and functionality.

Transition to iOS 7 trend
Transition to iOS7 – an innovative step for Mobile App developers

Several applications have used this opportunity for making extra money as well. Fortunately, the recently published guide of Apple seems to be very helpful, which support developers in designing for iOS 7 and transitioning apps to the new version.

The guide gives instructions in detail, even a tiny tip such as how developers should use new UI elements like border-less buttons, translucent bars and full-screen layouts for their apps. In general, there are three main themes of Apple’s guide that should not be skipped if you are developing an app on the latest iOS 7.

Ensure the clarity

Savvycom - transition to iOS 7

It’s not difficult to recognise the most important requirement of Apple for developers in iOS 7 UI is to build a “crisp, beautiful UI and fluid motion”.

As a consequence, the app has to take advantage of the whole screen to show the content as obvious as possible. However, it is not acceptable to let the content “extend to the edges of the screen”, so, it’s necessary for developers to reconsider the use of insets and visual frames to avoid that flaw of the app.

Additionally, bezels, gradients and drop shadows should not exist in iOS 7 UI, as they make UI element heavier and possibly overpower the content. To ensure clarity to your app UI, please remove such element and reconsidering visual indicators of physicality and realism.

Make use of the depth

Furthermore, Apple expects developers to make use of the depth properly. That is, they have to embrace this feature to communicate hierarchy and position. This process should be operated through translucent backgrounds together with enhanced transitions.

Grab automate functions

Transition to iOS 7 – a Breakthrough for App developersOne of the typical features in the progress of transition to iOS 7 UI that Apple mainly focuses on is the Dynamic Type, as an important tool for developers, which automatically adjusts text layout.

Besides, developers should make their apps ready to support new elements. Some of them are the status bar, navigation bars, tab bars, tool-bars, search bars, and scope bars, as well as other new UI features.

The foremost challenge for developers is to design for the new system interface and UI. However, if you are using Apple’s interface builder tool then it is easy for you to upgrade to iOS 7 standards. But it seems that Apple is not allowing developers to charge for updates.

As a result, the developers who invest time, efforts, and energy into an update are not able to get what they deserve. The solution is to release an upgrade or entirely new app in order to make money.


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