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There is an explosive growth of software development services as they not only save time to solve a problem but also allow firms to access to more professional, more expert and higher quality services at a lower cost than in-house development.


Software development is a complicated process to design an application or software in order to meet a particular business or personal objective, goal or process. This process consists of various stages: Planning, Analysis, Product Design, Development & Implementation, Testing, Maintenance.


Software Development Processes

  1. Planning
    At the first stage, stakeholders, end users and the project team gather and discuss in order to determine what exactly the requirements are. Then, the project team has to lay out how future software is designed and which programming languages are used.
  2. Analysis
    This is the most crucial stage. The project is defined in details and the project’s feasibility is examined to make sure all requirements are fulfilled. Then, the tasks are delegated to developers, designers, testers, project managers in the team.
  3. Product Design
    The designers take responsibilities for how the software will look and they design both front end and back end.
  4. Software Development & Implementation
    This stage is also so-called “Programming” or “Coding”, at which computer programmers write program code in the suitable programming language.
    Then programmers conduct the trial to detect the errors and fix them until they’re error-free.
  5. Testing
    After the software is completely coded, it is sent to the testing team, who gives feedback after using it. Although programmers should make sure there are not any errors existing, issues might not obvious to them. Therefore, the testing team will use various test cases to have the software debug to ensure optimal functioning.
  6. Operation and Maintenance
    Finally, the software is installed on the clients’ systems or devices. The programmers will carry out periodic maintenance in order to ensure programs can run smoothly.

Different Types of Software Development Services

Web Development

Simply put, web development is the process of developing websites or hosted on the Internet or Intranet.

When you make a decision on website constructing, do not focus on the advertisements. Pay attention to the technology that will be used for your website. Therefore, you have to determine which type of your company is and what your aims are for when you want to create a website. For instance, an e-commerce website is suitable for a retail company that is planning an online-selling strategy.

Savvycom, top 30 Global App Developer 2017, has successfully carried out more than 300 projects for over 100 clients around the world such as Australia, the US and Singapore. Savvycom clearly understands the clients’ requirements and takes carefully every stage in the software development process. Let’s see a Savvycom’s product of web development services.


Crave Vend – a smart POS Solution for retail business.
It was developed both on website and iOS and Android platforms. Crave Vend allows a lot of helpful functions: locate food merchants, view merchants rich menu, securely order for delivery or pickup, save favourite items and restaurants, email receipts, etc.

Internet of Things – One of the most growing trends in web development in 2018

We’re living in 4.0 Industrial Era, which is driven by the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Nowadays, you may be so familiar with the word “smart” such as a smart house, smart car, smart TV, smartphone, etc. These amazing things are based on IoT technology, which enables everything and everyone to connect with each other. It has been making our life easier and helping us with collecting any data that can be collected.

As for web development, there are more and more projects carried out in order to help people in communication and data analysis or to remotely control household devices.

realm-gps-tracker-iotRealm – GPS Smart Tracker was developed by Savvycom to allow its users to maintain
contact and communicate with each other individually or as a group, in real time.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile app development is similar to web development which is the process of developing a software; however, this software runs on a mobile device.

Millions of mobile apps are developed on the two major platforms – iOS and Android. According to Global Mobile, more than 254 billion free apps were downloaded in 2017, which shows us that there is a booming demand for mobile apps.

iOS app development services

iOS apps are written in a programming language called Swift which was launched in 2014 and created as a replacement for Objective-C, the first programming language. The development time is a significantly shorter time than on Android.

Android app development services

Android apps are written using Android software development kit (SDK). The most famous programming languages are Java, Kotlin, and C++. The Android app developers may take a longer time to develop and test an app because of the platform’s fragmented system.

In Vietnam, countless mobile app development companies established recently has proved the dramatic growth of developing apps for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. These companies have played an important role in recent years as the mobile apps they created have changed the Vietnam citizens significantly.


Eva Diary – A wonderful period tracker designed for women created by Savvycom Technical men
It takes much time to research and understand about menstrual cycles. A sophisticated algorithm calculates & predicts accurately upcoming period cycle date based on all information that users input into the app.

The idea originated from the desire of Savvycom busy men who spent their whole day in front of the computer screen on coding and programming. They wanted to create a “friend” who can take care of their wives/girlfriends health by tracking the fertility accurately, fast and friendly. Savvycom launched the app in 2014 and it won the 3rd place for the Complete Creative Mobile Apps Award in the same year. During 4 years, Savvycom has been continuously upgrading and debugging the app in order to bring the best experience to users.

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